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@cdpearce wrote:

So, do I conclude that not a single person is using ZeroShell with a 10Gb interface?

How about tried to? Is there anyone that tried and failed? What NIC did you try? Did it fail to work completely? Was there no driver for it? Was it a performance problem?

Come on, someone has either succeeded or failed to do 10G. What’s the story?

Why don’t you try virtualizing ZS with ESXi? ESXi works on many hardware platforms, I’m sure you could find 10Gb interfaces to work with ESXi and then just run ZS (and anything else) as a VM. You might not be able to use integrated WiFi as ESXi historically doesn’t provide support for such, although I haven’t checked the latest 6.5 release. Maybe PCIe pass-through might work but it’s probably just easier to use and external WiFi AP.
I run virtualized ZS and it’s great.