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I have both, an ALIX and an APU. Alix is at the end of life, and it will struggle with torrents and and big load. Also speed is 100M that may be ok on most connections. I am not sure about newer then 2.4G cards. Also is hard to find adaptors to write the SD card for ALIX.

ZS doesn’t come with all drivers for these little devices so you may need some additional work.

I compiled all drivers, (or almost) for APU2 ( I have an apu2c4) I also did some mods as a hobby. ( added 8 LEDs )

I used a 16g msata ssd + one vle200 ( 2.4G N ) and one vle600 ( 5G AC )

Unless u want to play around and you get an alix for cheap I would recommend APU2.
APU1 may be ok, I just don’t have experience with it.