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@cdpearce wrote:

Was the bad 64-bit experience running on raw hardware? Or in some VM environment? I am running ZS on raw hardware.

Out of interest, what is the recovery procedure if it fails to boot? How easy is it to get the system to boot from the other kernel slot with the known-good system? I haven’t needed to try it yet, and would rather figure out how before the system is broken instead of afterwards!

I am currently managing total of 6 Zeroshell routers. 5 of them are physical, 1 in virtualbox. All currently running 3.8.0, 32-bit. Memory usage currently between 90 and 120MB. 2 failed upgrade routers were physical.

Recovery procedure was simple: connect keyboard and display, restart router. And then select previous kernel from boot menu. Later uninstall problematic 64-bit kernel package from web interface.

DrmCa: I am also usually “if it works, don fix it” kind of IT-guy. But I have had so good experience with upgrading Zeroshell before, so I mistakenly expected it to work out fine this time too.

Mistake was also running kernel upgrade in 2 routers at the same time. Should have just upgraded my home router and seen it did not work. Would have saved me driving around the city on friday evening 😀

I won’t touch this 64-bit kernel until next release.

If it matters, then my upgrade path was:

3.7.1 (4.4.39) –> 4.4.39 64-bit kernel –> 4.9.27 64-bit kernel –> 3.80 (4.9.36) –> 4.9.36 64-bit kernel (boot fail)