Reply To: block IP importing a list


My problem is not have only VOIP to work, my problem is that each day I have 3 new IP that attack my pbx to try to use it. So I cannot block voip service but I can just block by drop the IP that make the attack. I already inserted 100 IP and each day are 2-3 new! I have to go on manually for all my life? And how many rule max I can insert in zeroshell firewall? If I have my voip clients in 2 countries I thought that I can authorize on port 5060 only the ip of this 2 country, but are hundred of IP and cannot upload all manually. For this I’m looking for upload rule in some way from a list!!! a simple Linux server make this, zeroshell no? My voip clients have dynamic IP so I cannot solve just with their Ip authorization.