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Xenek Stoehr

Hi, am excited to have an alternative to openwrt.

In particular, while you don’t support Odroid, I have ARM qemu KVM running on my Odroid XU4, and I hope to run your RPi version on the odroid, mostly because it supports gigabit Ethernet & USB3, with more ram, EMMC, 8 CPUs and also – I can put a large SSD for long term persistent, reliable storage of the DB. EMMC is great for OS, but better is always SSD, and with USB3, SSD is a valid option on XU4.

This is my wish, but first I need it 100% on the core hardware, a Raspberry Pi 3B. Only after it’s good on there for a month will I try move it across.

I’ve some problems, mostly of the ‘information’ sort. I’m a tech so can give any detail you need, but not a Linux genius so cmds to extract data & rough paths help. Happy to break this out into multiple posts if needed.

-PPPOE doesn’t work (pad errors? Maybe blacklisted by my ISP? Never connects.)
-only one of 4 usb-ethernet adaptors work, no info (even rough) on how to install driver (if I can find Linux Arm one)
-no procedure to permanently swap eth00 and eth01 so PPPOE can connect (assuming ISP MAC blacklist exists)
-If I remove eg. eth01 (rtl usb-eth) then unplug, then replug, it doesn’t reappear, even after a reboot (and no procedure to redetect it exists, as far as I can tell)
-No tips on how to change more advanced PPPOE details (eg path to config file, details on which module is used)

Note I’m not overly concerned about having a user-space PPPOE module, but it’ll become an issue if it’s overloading the CPU. Given I want to run it in KVM, I might be able to get you good feedback on usage if you need a tester for beta releases.