Re: 64-bit Support


[Update JUN 2015] The rest of this post doesn’t make sense anymore, since there appears to be no need for a special 64-bit version of this template.

To use a 64-bit kernel in a Zeroshell VM, you just need to use the 3.3.2 OVA template to make a VM, then install the Advanced Kernel package (49200). You can then choose a 32-bit or 64-bit 3.18.11 kernel. The instructions to activate VMware Tools are the same regardless of which kernel is in use.

This works because the kernels include modules for vmxnet3 (10 Gig), LSI SAS SCSI, and three other devices whose names I currently forget. The VMware Tools installation only contains the user-mode software needed to monitor the guest OS and to support host-initiated shutdown. This is useful if you have to automate a host shutdown for some reason, such as a UPS-triggered shutdown in case of power failure.

The original post has a new download link for the ZS 3.3.2 OVA template that also contains a newer VMware Tools.

I noticed that older ESXi versions may not display the correct OS in the VM properties, so make sure your hypervisor is up to date, whatever version you run, if this is important to you.

Also, I have a 64-bit version of this template that works. It has at least one quirk in that it thinks the 64-bit kernel isn’t installed when it is, probably because module installation is tied to profiles.

I won’t release the 64-bit template without Fulvio’s blessing, as the 64-bit kernel is normally available only to subscribers. However, I would like others to test it. May I release this template for general use or to specific testers?

The original installation instructions work as long as you skip the step to copy and re-link /lib/modules (/etc/modules as of v3.0.0), because /etc/modules is read/write in the 64-bit version. So if I can’t release the template I can at least explain how to make VMware Tools work on the 64-bit kernel.