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at the end…was this ever implemented ?. i come back every once in while to Zeroshell but i never been able to make this work. The funny thing is that even Zerotruth have a “shaper” option and a presumably capacity of “QoS”‘s the users according to the predefined classes but i guess that all is just text at the front with nothing really connecting stuff in the back code.

dont get me wrong. Im a huge fan of ZS and Fulvio’s work, but sincerely speaking the quality of the forum have decrease over the years, the documentation is generaly outdated and they are too few gurus left to guide the confused. Too many topics without answers.

In this particular matter (bw limitation per user) the only readable stuff in the forums are questions about why it doesnt work and the only formal doc in the main page (ttps:// only declares the limitation in the 1.0 version…7 years have passed from that (at least)

so…if its not planned to include this functionality you should definitely remove the forms already of the accounting classes for future versions, teach users of the comunity a positively way to make this work or simply publish a declaration that you will not do any more efforts with in this particular issue.

we know ZS have been made by Fulvio with love for the community but, in my opinion, this involves a long term commitment that its not cheap or easy to sustain (and that must be respected), but is a cross that must be carried for all who starts these kind of projects…and the burden of that cross is the forums, the documentation, and the ability to not create expectations of functionalities than only have a nice frontend but nothing on the back (nothing functional or well documented at least)

best regards to all. sorry if my english is a little rusty.

i hope ill have some clearance at last about this topic.