Re: any ideas


Hi gcams. I’m interested in setting up a similar configuration. I have two internet connections at my office that I would like to “bond” together to obtain the best qualities of both. I know I could use netbalancer to utilize both internet connections to some extent, but Ideally I would like two vpn tunnel with both connections to a data center so that I could utilize the cumulative upload and download of both connections with a single network connection. Also services like voip trunking would not be fault tolerant with net balancing (afaik) because they rely so heavily on the ip address staying the same.

The network connections are as follows:

3Mbps/3Mbps Broadband Ethernet (high reliability, high upload speed (for this area), relatively slow download speed)

12Mbps/768Kbps Adsl (low reliability but it would be useful to have the 12Mbps download speed)

My main priorities for my internet connection are reliability (because it is used for voip trunking) and high upload speed because the type of work that I do requires a large amount of data uploading. I currently have several smaller internet connections (1mbps upload & 768kbps upload) that upload 24/7 every day just to keep up with our off-site backup.

So basically I had this idea about a year ago to use zeroshell to bond two vpn connections together to a datacenter server…I thought it would be easy but I ended up never trying it because after pausing to think, I came to the same conclusion that fulvio mentioned. I don’t have the option of having a zeroshell box on the other end either. But I do have the option of a variety of linux based operating systems. I’m most familiar with centos.

Gcams, have you been able to make any improvements with your setup over time?

Does anyone else have any suggestions?