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After months gone by and many resets the system now works well. I too have considered Freeswitch but there isn’t the support that Asterisk has. I had 4 individual servers runing each program, (ZS, Asterisk & A2Billing, Microtik & Radius Manager), was all going well but not enough redundancy so now all are running as VM’s on Vmware. Only loophole left is that ZS often gets stuck on which gateway to send traffic through and the users web browser just stalls, I have to keep putting rules in net balancer to tell it to go to only one gateway, kind of defeats the purpose. However in saying that, last week when I took the fibre links offline and only had two adsl lines active, ZS was balancing on both gateways, I thought this wasn’t even possible with Would appreciate some feedback as to why ZS would stall when running multiple gateways when last week it ‘bonded’ them very nicely???