Re: Boot crash Zs B 10


I dont know if this i relateted to the mentioned delayed crash
I have been tested ZS B8 for a while in education enviorments
We are running XP and Srv2k3 in a MS virtual enviorment called
Virtual PC 2007. Each student have their own installation of Virtual PC and
the Virtual PC’s are connected by means of virtual routers based on an iso-image (ZeroShell-1.0.beta8.iso) and a small HDimage containing configurations. I have been running this in a class room with 11 PC’s
with good results. To day i tested ZeroShell-1.0.beta10.iso and this one crashed quikly after start from the virtual CD and before attacing the virtual HD. I have tested it on Virtual PC 2007-64, Virtual PC 2007-32 and Virtual Server 2005-64 with the same results.