Re: bug?


Dear IulyB, actually, after 30 approx running hours, I don’t have more impossible load % (I’m at 6-10% with 2354 session). I didn’t activated your script in scripts/chron so I don’t think it is working….
What can be happened?
I changed ftp server solution in these days and as I told you I’m uploading 1million of little files a day with continuous multisession ftp opened. I worked in the last time also on a voip PBX in line with 20 users. Can be possible that the wrong load in zeroshell has been created from ftp upload server or voip not good configured sessions?
We will see in the next days… I don’t know what think… . I’m sorry that a critical production exigence obbligated me to change the reference situation before to understand the problem.