Maybe my problem is even more basic. Maybe I am not setting zeroshell correctly to serve LDAP. I cannot find any documentation, FAQs or How-To on the steps that are required to set it up.

Is there a guideline I can follow? Did I miss the documentation somewhere?

Here is what I did:

  1. create a data store
  2. create a new profile…
  3. I filled in the description
  4. corrected the hostname to look like
  5. made sure the Kerberos Realm matches the domain, TESTING.COM
  6. ensured the LDAP base is dc=testing,dc=com
  7. set a new password
  8. clicked Create
  9. I then Activate the new profile
  10. I don’t know if my zeroshell machine is restarting automatically every time I activate a different profile, but I know it did restart last time I did
  11. then I go to LDAP/NIS, check LDAP and LDAP over SSL and click Save

Am I missing something?