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thanks same PPALIAS.
i’ve found the start point of vlan creation, and i’m gonna explain you what i want to do.

in my network, i want to create a vlan that will contain my asterisk server along with all the ip phone. i will use the dhcp server of ZS for the ip phones, so it would be great to set up a vlan with it too. My network adress is, and i want a vlan in my computers network.

This is what i started doing, but for lack of informations about ZS vlan settings, i’m stuck:

create vlan —>description= ip phone vlan


>eth00(vlan 1)=


>( ethoo is still

i don’t know what to do to complete my vlan.
I’m lost, i need a link, explanayions, documentation, everything to help me.
Thank you for all ppalias. Expecting your reply.