Re: depends


it’s hard to say without crawling inside your setup…..but….. First thing I would check is if your radius server is actually getting requests from zeroshell. if it is, see what form the request is in. make sure the radius attributes are the same. Also check to see if zeroshell is asking for a request from a user in the “” format, as apposed to just the user name. There should be some sort of Log, or troubleshooting program with tekradius that will allow to first see if it’s even working, as well, as see any logs of requests made to it.

Radius servers typically have to have the IP of the device making the request registered withing the radius server as a allowed NAS. make sure your ports and radius secrets are good as well.

Like I said, the problem I had was that zeroshell was sending out a “” whilst the users in my radius database were listed as just “user”

So I added a “default” as apposed to “remote” or “local” proxy server under the radius section in zeroshell. This sends a request to the radius server as just a user name without the rehlm.

good luck!