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Dear All,

The development platform is almost ready for publishing. This consists of a vmware image of a modified CF card image with Ext2 partition format. So far I have made several upgrades of packages such as cyrsu-sasl, openssl, autoconf, automake, libtool and kernel
Scripts have been added to ease the creation of new rootfs, correct ext2 initrd and generation of new compressed Z iso images.
There are still some issues with some links that I have to fix but this is minor.
I expect to be able to publish the platform soon under another web site with authentication (if I can manage that). You may have noticed that the above link is no longer available.
The reason is quite simple. Indeed and with Fulvio’s agreement, we shall not provide it publicly in order to avoid the spreading of tons of versions that will no longer be manageable. However you are welcome to participate in the development of new add-ons or updates by letting us now and I shall provide access to the development package.

I am investigating the possibility to use SVN to sync the different vmware dev images as the size is too large to allow full download (>1.5GB).
Note that this is still open and I will be more than happy to have your suggestions on how sync or packages could be done. Thanks.

Best regards,