Re: Easy Fix


OK so I noticed that there is some confusion when people install the IDE CF ver. of ZeroShell. I have found the easiest way to get it up and running in VMWare ESXi4 is to just make the disk IDE instead of SATA from the begining.

Here is a tutorial I use when setting it up…
Make ZeroShell Appliance in VMWare ESXi4

Make a 2GB disk in vmware
NOTE: Make the 2GB drive IDE and skip copying sata drivers over!!!

Edit your machine to boot off ubuntu desktop live cd & give it 512 ram to start (you have to have the iso in you data center, use Fast-SCP by Veeam to transfer iso – google it)

format disk ext3 with sudo gparted inside Ubuntu Desktop (It’s a Gnome GUI but start it from root command line)

Goto – Applications / Accessories / Terminal
sudo gparted

Next mkdir and mount disk
mkdir /mnt/sda1 ; mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1

Download the IDE Sata USB zeroshell.img.gz from Ubuntu will auto download the file to /home/ubuntu/Downloads

Write the zeroshell image to sda1
gunzip -c /home/ubuntu/Downloads/Zero*.img.gz>/dev/sda

You might have to use the full name of the zeroshell file, but notice that you write it to sda and not sda1!

Shutdown the system
shutdown -P now
or click the shutdown button in the Ubuntu GUI

Edit machime
256 Ram
remove cd-rom

Should now boot ZeroShell with no extra editing.

Make backups as you go in-case you foobar something. There is no reset to factory defaults button!!

Hope This Helps