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Hello Atheling,

here are my experiences with your patch. Perhaps it helps to figure out what is wrong with failoverd.

My System: 1 line over ETH to a router
3 lines direct over ppp

– balancing does not work without the patch at all. Answer packages do not know where the origin is.

– with patch: 3 ppp lines alone hang the whole system. 1 ETH line is necessary.

– with patch: with disabled failoverd in GUI 1eth + 3 ppp lines work fine.
Only ipsec connections are scrambeld and have to be send to one dedicated line by balancing rules. QoS needs very much cpu time but works perfectly. Tested with videostreaming bound to one line and as preferred service.

-with patch and failoverd enabled in GUI and 1eth+3ppp lines: the ppp lines are destroyed
after the daily disconnect. As i could see the remote station gets repeating signals to synchronise although the line is up and running. After a while the modem/remote station tilts. Only resetting of the modems bring the ppp lines up again.

-Test environment with patch and failoverd enabled an two eth lines:
All works fine !!
Log files show that some code is not able to fetch the faulty device name and ip.
This is especially for the recover message.

beta14: The changes in failoverd and fw_initrules do not influence the patch code. Patching by hand from the .rej files should work. I will test this in production environment.