Re: follow-up


Hi, sure, I will re-clarify what I’m asking. Btw, I was looking back at this post again because I came upon a reason to need to know how to solve this correctly.

For the sake of normalcy, we’ll just say that I have two zeroshell systems with two network cards each.

Lets say eth0 is connected to the lan at each site and eth1 is connected to the internet with an internet ip address (12mbps down/ 768kbps up)

Then, lets say that I have created a zeroshell lan-2-lan vpn connection between the two sites through the internet connections.

My primary goal is to add QoS shaping on the upload side (768kbps) of the internet connection.

My secondary goal is to add QoS policing on the download aspect (12mbps) of the internet connection.

To do this, I enabled qos on the eth0 interface on the zeroshell machines. I am able to create classes and classifiers and successfully shape/police normal internet traffic.

The problem is that I completely unable to classify vpn traffic. Even if I add a blank classifier that should catch everything it catches everything BUT vpn traffic.

My original solution to classify vpn traffic was to classify EVERYTHING else and assume set up the default class based on the assumption that anything that goes to the default is vpn traffic.

The problem with that solution is that now I’m setting up a similar system where the vpn will have two types of traffic on it so I need to be able to classify the two types of traffic independently. Basically I really need a way to classify and shape vpn traffic.

So, here is another variable to add into the mix — when relying on classifying the vpn based on the default traffic, you run into a problem with internet connections that have a different upload vs. download speed. As soon as you put a speed to the default class you are basically limiting the upload and the download to being the same speed for the default.

Basically, since I’m obviously lacking the necessary experience to properly configure this, I’m open for suggestions.

Thanks so much!