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well, I got zeroshell to boot from a hard drive following the instructions on how to make a writeable copy.

I was able to do it without using a ramdrive (and I logged in). I had enough free space to extract apt.bin (which I didn’t do just yet); however, on subsequent reboot, it wouldn’t boot, got a message about a bunch of files not found in /etc.

Maybe my hd is corrupt. will try again with an ssd flash card I have.

To make matters worse, my profile got corrupt.

So in theory, if I get it up and running I should be able to get those linux headers with apt-bin (cross fingers), and then compile the compat wireless drivers.

btw, the error I got earlier was related to the ramdrive, I made a menu.lst file and verified I typed everything right, and I didn’t get the error the second time.