Re: Got it working


Just to close off this topic, here’s a quick update.

I managed to get QoS working in my environment by changing from a bridged to routed configuration. I’m still not clear on why the bridged setup didn’t work, but by moving everything to layer 3 everything is working as expected.

What I did:

– Gave ETH00 and ETH01 IP addresses, on different IP networks/VLANs
– Changed inside IP of firewall to same IP subnet/VLAN as ETH01
– Gave ETH00 the firewall’s old inside IP
– Configured the default gw on Zeroshell to point to the inside IP of firewall
– Default gw of other machines on network were already pointing at Zeroshell, as ETH00 had the firewall’s old IP

After making these changes traffic flows and I can see the effect of shaping when I alter the QoS parameters.

Thanks for making such a useful product open-source. I love linux! 😀