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rda wrote

You can download document

rda…Thanks, for your work..

I followed the pdf document in the link above(details below):

Working environment:
I used “ZeroShell-1.0.beta16-CompactFlash-IDE-USB-SATA-1GB.img.gz” as the zeroshell img …and “ZeroShell-1.0.beta16.iso” as the iso in place of the beta14 versions mentioned in the document..
I used virtual box version:4.1.14r77440 in Ubuntu 12.04.
Other than above I used everything similar to the ones mentioned in the pdf doc.
I used the packages.tar, the link of which is provided in the pdf doc.

Problem Description
I followed the procedure correcting a few errors here and there…
When I try to patch the Kconfig file of netfilter in location :”/usr/src/linux-
using the patch “103-netfilter_layer7_2.6.36_fix.patch” provided in the packages.tar, it fails ..I’m providing the links to the errors produced and the details below..

The command I type at /usr/src/linux- is

patch -p1 < /DB/hdb/netfilter-layer7-v2.22/103-netfilter_layer7_2.6.36_fix.patch

The error output can be found here : **********

The contents of Kconfig.rej mentioned in the above pastebin link can be found here: **********

Without the Kconfig patches I won’t be able to build the kernel with those modules..
Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.


NOTE: All the other KERNEL patches work without any failure