Re: I did it!


It was the antenna’s

Here’s a complete list of packages I used for openwrt

I used the default packages that came with the x86-combined-ext2 set

and the following

had to add
wireless-tools 29-4

for wap

and voila, wifi n on my desktop (but not with this usb adapter, I used an r5008 chipset).

Hope that helps some zeroshell people who are frustrated with no wifi n! I tested wifi n with dslreports.

Ping still fluctuated the same with my wnr854t vs the desktop (I was hoping the desktop with it’s 3ghz proc would help prevent ping fluctuations, so I guess it’s the wifi card that is getting overloaded).

I couldn’t get a fair read off of dslreports java test because my la server is acting funky. But hoo fucking rah guys. Got wifi n with openwrt!

Tested with dslreports. I think I’m getting lower speeds with the card in the desktop than when I had it in my openwrt wnr854t router. With dslreports java speed test I was getting around 25Mb/s, now I’m getting about 10-15.

I even moved the computer to expose the antenna’s more, and still the same thing.

update 2:
I guess my speeds were limited by the time of day.
I was able to get 23Mb down with wifi. Before I was able to get 25Mb down. However with lan I was able to get 29, and I got 28 today. So i figure there about the same right now (plus my antenna’s not as exposed as it was before).