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It is common to integrate DHCP and DNS for dynamic DNS record creation. I have the same need to see if it is possible to configure Zeroshell to perform the following:

When a client machine obtains a DHCP address lease from ZS DHCP Server, and the DHCP Options specify the DNS Server and the DNS domain name suffix, the DNS zone should receive a dynamic request to create a HOST record (A) for the client machine in the DNS zone specified by the domain name suffix. A PTR record should also be created.

When a lease expires, the DNS zone should have the HOST Record (A) and the PTR record for the expired lease be removed.

This facilitates dynamic DNS integration and assignment and is common on many platforms fundamental network services.

Linux distros support this, but I cannot tell if ZS supports this under the covers as 1) i’m not a linux expert, and 2) i’m not sure what DHCP and BIND implementations Beta 11 of ZS is using.

There are several threads in these forums with some who are requesting this fundamental capability for standard integration between DHCP Services and DNS Services with ZS.

If anyone has had any success in configuring Beta 11 for this capability, please respond with how you accomplished this.

For reference, here’s where I learned that this capability is supported in Linux in general, though it is with a different distro. it expresses the few, fundamental requirements and configurations to enable this feature.

I’m wondering if it is possilble to manipulate ZS to accommodate these configuration changes even though they don’t appear to be directly provided for.

i’m not going to die if ZS doesn’t support this. i’ll probably end up moving these services (DHCP and DNS) off from the ZS box onto another server that can provide this. But it would be wicked cool if ZS can enable this capability. It would complete my network services need in my environment making the ZS box I have a complete servicer.

Thank you in advance for your time and your expertise.