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Dear All,

I finally built a vmware image dedicated to development. Unfortunately the image size is about 1.5 GB. it can be found at

The image is composed of 4 partitions in ext2 format. The last one is sufficient to hold gcc 4.3.2 and contains an ISO directory where will build a new Z iso image for standard Zeroshell.
Due to compatibility I did not automount the last one in /opt, therefore the user is asked to do it manually by first creating /opt (mkdir /opt) and then mount /dev/hda4 to it (mount /dev/hda4 /opt).

Finally note that it iso image created with will not copy man, doc and info, so that it will not oversize current Zeroshell beta 12 second partition.
My idea is to make it possible to dd the image to the second partition as a way to upgrade. I will now try to do that with scripts from ssh shell, hence no more pain to upgrade ALIX boards!

Change from original beta 12:

    /etc/fstab is modified to account ext2 format in rw , no longer iso9660 in ro. Modification brought to rootfs.
    linuxrc boot script is modified to mount /dev/hda2. Modification brought to initrd.gz
    libtool has been upgraded.
    automake has been upgraded.
    autoconf has been upgraded.
    ipsec-tools has been upgraded to 0.7.2.
    openssl has been upgraded to 0.9.8.
    cyrus-sasl has been upgraded to 2.1.23 using new openssl.