Re: image restore


I finally got the image restored after figuring out a way to boot ghost.

Brilliant utility from these guys:

I restored the image and got “GRUB _”, and then the machine hangs.

This is impossible. aaaaargh!

Have you tried it on a clean machine?

Why is your ghost image so small? Just compressed allot?
Do you have a bootloader that boots from another partition?

I could see the files being created as it created the image, including the default database, still … no boot.

this is driving me nuts!!!

I give up with running zershell from a hard drive.
I have tried 5 different ways, and always get the same thing.

Should one of the partitions be set active?
Should the image be restored to a partition?

The image created 4 partitions:
1 7 MB
2 109 MB
3 384 MB
4 rest of available space.

There must be some stupid detail we are missing out somewhere!

Email me at, so that we can discuss more details and not clutter the forum.

Any body else tried the solution?