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openwrt has a x86 version. It’s a bit of a pain to get to work right from the getgo, but it has a webgui. It’s not like zeroshell, you do have to use the shell prompt, but not necessarily.

This distribution already has support for some linux wifi n drivers, primarily the one in this thread, but also the 5008 athero’s chipset.

I haven’t gotten it to work with x86 yet, but I have seen it working on my wnr854t router.

Installing packages is pretty easy
opkg install http:\www.alsjdflksajdflkjdsaflkjdsa.opk is how you install stuff.

be wary, don’t uninstall busybox (tried to do so to install bash), and when you do, all commands seem to not work anymore (except opkg), so I advice you to not use opkg install on all your packages, at the very least have busybox’s opk on your drive before uninstalling it


If you want an easy working copy of openwrt backfire on your hd.

I had to do these steps.
(I don’t know the parameters to dd the ext-2-combined file, so I took the root and extracted it manually to a formatted partition (using a partition tool), and then installed grub via zeroshell (grub install –root-directory /hd /dev/hda), then put the vmlinuz file in the /boot/ dir and then used the grub console to boot to the openwrt.

I had to find what nic openwrt used as default to http into, but I was able to use the webgui from there to get stuff done, but you have to telnet in to get it to reboot (i.e. command reboot).