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@redtdi wrote:

I am trying to use scp to transfer files to one of my ZeroShell boxes (the multilink ppp package) and was wondering what the best way to transfer files to ZeroShell is. When I use SCP from my Mac I get a “TERM environment variable not set” message even though it is.

I have used the ftp client to transfer files at times but i really just want to be able to transfer files from my Mac directly to a ZeroShell box.


Here is what I have done to copy files to and from Zeroshell from my MacBook:

1. Login in to Zeroshell and get to the bash prompt.
2. Use the chsh command to change the admin shell program to /bin/bash

Now you can use the standard scp program from the Mac Terminal to copy things to Zeroshell (or from Linux or Windows running Cygwin for that matter).

However I go another step farther since I’m dealing with Linux boxes all day long at work:

3. Download and install MacFuse from
4. Download and install MacFusion from

Between these two programs you have a nice UI to mount anything you can get to via SSH as a read/write file system in the Finder. Now you can mount the Zeroshell box and drag and drop files.