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I just wanted to bump this.
@foobysmacker wrote:

I’m running ZS 1.0b11b on a Alix device (AMD 500MHz / 256MB / 1GB CF). The ZS box is used as a wired router (no wireless) and services 5 clients that browse the web + 1 that is used frequently for bittorrent downloads.

Hi, I am getting similar symptoms to you. Except that usually it starts slowing down in a week or less. I am running a WRAP (which is half the MHz and RAM of your ALIX).

When it works, it works well. When it works poorly, it will either:
a) take a long time to connect to the web (5 minutes or more at times), i.e. unusable. Sometimes if you come back to it a while later it will inexplicably work. When I reset the machine, it usually restores the performance.
b) not work at all.

Meanwhile, everything else keeps chugging away, bittorrent, ssh to the ZS box. I run top and nothing is over 6% for memory or CPU usage. I have 3-4 MB free RAM and 57MB free swap or so. That doesn’t seem to be much RAM left, considering I’m running the embedded version – there isn’t any swap, correct? If so, maybe memory is the problem – 3MB RAM is not much to play with.

The fact that my system has half the memory of yours makes me suspect a memory leak, even if that is not the case.

Other symptoms – when I attempt to go to a website through firefox, the “connecting to…” bit at the bottom left hand side of the browser very quickly changes to “waiting to reply from…” and stays there the whole time it is stalled there. So I wonder what is the problem.

Any suggestions for diagnosing this thing would be really helpful.

Edit: Another thing I forgot to mention, I am running an Atheros wifi card in the WRAP. The connection quality is good but not great. I note the following url has something that points to two possibilities – RAM (suggests that DG needs lots of RAM) and that the Server Network Connections have low error rates. Either of these could be a problem.