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@Noisy1 wrote:

Hello! This is likely a simple question given I am a newbie. 😳

I recently installed a virtual machine to run zeroshell (1.0 beta11). I can login via firefox and I created a new profile. I can also login via LDAPAdmin (on a WinXP machine) anonymously and I can browse through the LDAP DIT. However, I cannot login using authentication!!

Here is what I am using…

Username: uid=admin,ou=People,dc=testing,dc=com
Password : (the same one I login via the web)

I´ve manualy re-entered the password for admin via the web interface through the USERS|EDIT screen and through the KERBEROS 5|EDIT screen, but still no luck.

I have nothing loaded on this test VM, so I can easily recreate it if necessary.

Thanks for your help!

Use “manager”…

manager user shares the password with admin.