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I update kernel for b14

Thanks rda, Fulvio et al. Unfortunately the madwifi included in the link here is an old one, compiled against
If I wanted to compile a madwifi package, couldn’t I skip some of these steps by using the above package with the kernel source and development toolchain to compile madwifi?

Or should I start from scratch?

The reason I’m looking for an updated madwifi is because I have 3 alix boards all with the, apparently dreaded, Wistron CM9 Atheros wifi card. The APs lock up randomly and I’m hoping to fix this situation without resorting to anything too drastic.

The answer is yes. 😉 I started with the 2.6.32 above added the dev packages but still had to compile a kernel for the madwifi modules to load.

Also thank you Renato Morano, you’re the man! This was helpfull:

NB: If you are upgrading, be aware that your atheros wireless card will be named ath0 instead of ETH01. After messing around with the wireless manager it’s back to ETH01 so good luck.

I have not tested this extensively… far so good. Will post an update either way.

If anyone has any pointers on how I could customize the kernel for ALIX boards I would be super grateful. I just used the one in /proc/config.gz did ‘make oldconfig’ and ‘make menuconfig’ with no further customizations.