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@brucecarlson wrote:

Since my last post I have been able to:

1. Get the login box to appear using 1 NIC when I type
2. I can actually login using my database password.
3. When I try to access a different web site I get a “not found error”
4. I expected to get the login box when I attempted that.

Maybe the best advice you can give me is how to save what I have now in a separate file before I start experimenting. Will the use of a second database do that?

Thsnk you

hey… ive pretty new to this OS too…

as of hte “not found error” try using the ping and dns resolving tools provided. it may help you narrow the problem

the seperate file… in storage, just select the database you wish to back up, select the copy button and download it the machine that your currently on.