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@geniusweb wrote:

Hello there, I would like to create working solution of 3G aggregation router through VPN tunnels. I tried to read a lot of about this problem and now I am really confused from informations. So my question is:

Is it possible to aggregate 6 3g connections and increase bandwidth with two zeroshell routers? I heard it’s possible through 6 separated VPN tunnels and if I will use OpenVPN there is no need to have 6 static external IP addresses, just one on the side of central server (not mobile unit side). Is it really true? How is it possible there is no need to have static IP on the 3g modems?

And is it possible to stream live video (UDP based, RTMP protocol) through this VPN lan to lan solution?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Juraj Z.

Hi im doing the same research for bonding 3g broadbands. From what i see in the doc of this link

in this question (Is it really possible to increase the Internet connection bandwidth?)

they answer that basically zeroshell does load balance and the BW aggregation will be noticed only for multiple users, as also mentioned here ,and there it seems that for UDP zeroshell dont do traffic split with UDP so there is not BW aggregation then. By the way they mention pfsense that its seems to be capable of split the traffic in UDP needed for video streaming.

atm i’m still doing some research about this to see if its possible, if you find something about it i’d like to know.

P.D: there is also a dead thread about this