Re: Re: NB/QoS


@mrevjd wrote:

I used the pre-patched files from a b13 installation and this seems to work
I have only tested it briefly.

If you need help wit the patch let me know.


How many and what type of WAN interfaces do you have and have you noticed issues with either detecting a WAN failure or recovering from a failure?

The conflicting changes in failoverd have to do with the logic for issuing pings our of the desired interface. b14 is using a TOS indication on the ping packet whilst my patch classifies the ping using IP Tables… There are to merge conflicts in the file that look the same:

{{{{{{{ HEAD
ip ru add tos 0x04 to ${IP[$I]} ta 1$GW
if ping -Q 0x04 -c 1 -w $TO ${IP[$I]} ; then
ip ru del tos 0x04 2>/dev/null
iptables -t mangle --flush NB_FO_PRE
iptables -t mangle -A NB_FO_PRE -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -d $IPP -j MARK --set-mark 1$GW
if ping -c 1 -w $TO ${IP[$I]} ; then
>>>>>>> nb_qos

(Sorry about the weird display of the snippet from the diff, this bulletin board code does not seem to like a string of less than characters.)

It has been over a year since I looked at either the ZS scripts or the documentation on Linux iptables and routing, so I’ll have to get back up to speed. But I am working my day job for pretty long hours and I have volunteer work on weekends until late spring so anything more than a few minutes is too much time for me at the moment.