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I’m the I.T. guy @ a school in Jamaica, we recently added some wireless access point to our network and i’ve been trying to find a solution for network security ever since.

I’m new zeroshell but have some knowledge of linux and networking. I’ve searching the net & read the documentation on Zeroshell website & forums to try find some step by step documentation on how to setup radius and captive portal in zeroshell to authenticate through Active Directory. Everything I’ve found so far has not worked.

Network description

Prior to creating the zeroshell server, my network has a primary Server that runs DHCP, DNS and AD

Server Name: wbsserver2
Server IP address:
Domain Name:

Running Zeroshell 2.0.RC1
Zeroshell IP address:

I really need some help to setup my zeroshell box, so whatever help or documentation or instructions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Make your captive portal work over simple wired Ethernet means first. Then work on the bridges to WiFi if needed.