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@smto wrote:

Recently we upgraded to Zeroshell 3.3.2 and the latest 3.18 kernel. In this kernel version (anything>3.6) the rhash_entries parameter is no longer supported and sessions are not “sticky” any longer.

Is there an alternative solution?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Any updates wrt 3.6 release? It appears now clients are fully sticked with a route. E.g. LAN side Client1 will always go through WAN1, Client2 to WAN2, Client3 to WAN1 and so on, alternatively. Of course failover still works, but it is not possible now with this behaviour to achieve the aggregate WAN1+WAN2 (with multiple connections).

Before, to my understanding, on the same LAN Client1, odd TCP connections went through WAN1 and even TCP connections went to WAN2, so that 2 iperf could go to the maximum rate aggregate.