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@level323 wrote:

2. Configure the ZeroShell OpenVPN server with params:
* –float –server-bridge
and on the ZeroShell (server side):
* Do not assign any IP address to VPN00
* Create a BRIDGE between VPN00 and ETH00 on the ZeroShell via the ZeroShell web-based admin interface.
To my understanding, this should be the correct recipe, as it will cause ethernet packets moving through the tunnel to be connected to the LAN side of the ZeroShell firewall……

This is the right approach, but there is only a problem:
when you include the ETH00 in the BRIDGE00 interface, the IP address does not automatically migrate from the ETH00 to the BRIDGE00 and hence you lose the connectivity. You can solve the issue by using the console to create the bridge (read the FAQ or adding the IP to the BRIDGE00 interface if you are able to contact the web GUI of Zeroshell from another interface. In any case, you don’t need to use the OpenVPN parameter