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Greetings, Mr. F. Ricciardi,

Could you please introduce the “port-share” support for OpenVPN when OpenVPN 2.1 turns gold? Right now, it is still in beta RC4.

This is because I set my router to port-forward internal OpenVPN port 1994 to the external port 443 port (HTTPS) to allow users who are working behind restrictive firewall at other places to be able to communicate to OpenVPN service located on my server on the other side of internet without any problem but at the same time, it allows users to access normal secure web site (like your zeroshell secure web interface) that also resides on the same server?

I know it is possible to type-in the OpenVPN command line facility available in zeroshell VPN web module interface. But, last time when I try to type some VPN commands with quotes (“some VPN commands”), the quoted contents dissapear after the save. I don’t know whether they are really saved or not or it is really a bug.

Thank you.