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@doudou225 wrote:

thank you atheling for your reply. with beta11, i see in the left frame dns, and when i click on it i see soa and i can enter my domain name ( ) , but still, i don’t know what to enter as entries. could you please give some examples of entries. Thank u so much!!!!!!

I put all the machines on my LAN in to the local domain. For example I have a Sipura SPA-841 SIP telephone, so I set the Zeroshell DHCP server to give a fixed IP address for it based on the MAC address and then I set Zeroshell’s DNS server to have a the name

I have also setup NAT so that any attempt to access my external IP address(es) from inside the LAN result in accessing my publicly accessible servers. So I can simply have the base domain of get resolved like any other Internet domain name.