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I have this exact same issue, except I use an Alix appliance and have no console access (can’t find my serial cable) so I can’t confirm if I can change the password from the console. I too have special chars on my password and sure enough, after the 3.7.1 upgrade I can’t log into my Web Interface.

At first I thought I had been victim of the vulnerability and someone had hijacked my router… so I reset it and started upgrading my way from 3.0.0 to 3.7.1, only to find that the 3.7.1 upgrade locked me out again.

Is this something you are debugging? I doubt I’ll be able to apply any patch now so might as well reset it again… and wait for a proper 3.7.2(?) upgrade.

@TheNanny wrote:

Hi Fulvio.

I have a real problem on login in to my zeroshell router after updating to 3.7.1. It doesn’t accept my admin password any more, version 3.6.0 did.
I already reported problems using my strong password (containing a lot characters like ! ” § $ % &) when adding hosts. Unfortunately the post is unreplied.

Now I’m experiencing the described isues on the login screen, on the vga console I was luckily able to change my password to a new password without special characters.
I would really appreciate if you could fix this issue. As you know, strong passwords are essenctial on todays internet.

The thread is real. Few days ago my router was attacked. There were alerts about DDOS attacks and thousands of connections with high traffic to a lot IP adresses originated from my zs router (local IP adress). I have no idea what it was uploading, but it could only be stopped by rebooting the router and getting an new IP from my provider. I hope my password prevented even worse attacks on my network.

I read about the vulnerability and updated zeroshell to 3.7.1.
But I really want to use my password. If not possible, please tell me which characters are not accepted.

Thanks a lot,