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Ok for anyone interested I figured it out.

In the vSwitch don’t have a vKernel, and reboot your ISP modem. Then anything connected to that vSwitch will get an external IP.

Zeroshell is blazing fast now that it’s in a QuadCore ESX environment.

Thanks Flavio!!!

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Ok since no one has weighed in on this one. Does anyone use a Zeroshell VM Virtual machine as their firewall?…not just a router?


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I am curious if anyone has zeroshell installed under ESXi with 1 Physical NIC to their ISP modem and 1 Physical NIC to their internal network?

When I set up the VMKernel for the External NIC and say that it’s DHCP it nevers picks up an IP address, but the default route is greyed out and pointing to the gateway of the Internal NIC.

Has anyone overcome that?