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@_Mat_ wrote:

I would like to use zs as wireless bridge, to connect my printer without cabeling.
Wireless is running in client mode already and I get an IP from the access point by dhcp.
My next step was to create a bridge and put eth0 and the wireless interface into it. I’ve selected dyn IP for the bridge but I don’t get an IP anymore and even setting a static ip will not work. I cannot ping the access point anymore.

Is it not possible to bridge the lan and the wlan interface?

This is an old message but maybe my answer will help somebody using ZS now or in the future.

If the address was bound to ETH00 and then you made the bridge, I think that the address is lost due to the creation of the bridge made up of ETH00 and WLAN if. You probably need to setup a DHCP client on the BRIDGE00 so that the bridge can grab an IP from the DHCP server running on the WAP.

So you can probably jump on the console of your ZS box to fix the IP’s so that you can re-establish your web server management.