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BTW in order to use VLAN’s inside a VM, you must select VLAN ID 4095 (VGT) on the Port Group associated.

Actually, to be technically correct, VLAN ID 4095 will span ALL VLANs on an attached and correctly configured switch, which is probably not what most people want. (Further, this is pre-vSphere behavior, now can span inclusively and exclusively without relying on VLAN 4095, as well as use PVLANs with an Enterprise Plus license.)

In fact, to use a VLAN inside a VM, you simply specify the appropriate VLAN tag as the VLAN ID on the associated PortGroup, though your switch will have to fully support 802.1q and the physical switch port where ESXi is attached will need to be trunked for bidirectional tagging and trunking.