Re: Restore to ZS using Profile tool


@dialbat wrote:

How can i use it, it’s bck file?

Log on to your ZS 3.0.0 web interface and browse to Setup, then Profiles, then select the disk your installation uses for its profiles. For VMware you’ll need to have a virtual disk with at least 1 GB free space as the profile appears to take up 856 MB. You then click Restore Profile, and select the BCK file.

Once restored, select the profile you restored and click Activate. It’ll then offer to restart the OS. It’ll restart with the odd IP and DNS forwarder settings I mentioned, so you’ll need to change the IP settings from the console and then the DNS Forwarder setting from the web interface. You’ll know it’s running that profile when the console says “Profile: OVF Template.” Your VMware console should also tell you that the VM has some form of VMware Tools running.

The OVA template might be a better idea than restoring a profile backup.