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here is a summury of what i did according to my findings on the forum.
– i left the default @ on the interface of my zeroshell server.
-i renamed it “zerocompu”
-i set a DB like tis:
.description: zerocompu
.kerberos 5
. ldap base: dc=xyz;dc=org
.admin: …
network config
(ethernet interface )
-i set up a dhcp server successfully
-i couldn’t ping the hosts with their names but only their ip@. So i decided to set up a dns server using the documentation on the forum
-i went over the dns section, created a new dns zone like this:
.domain name:
email contest:
i did the same for both “forwarg” and “reverse” dns zone.

-dhcp server is ok
-cannot still ping with their names but only their ip@
-nslookup command on xp client does’nt work (no dns server found or no existent domain)

1- should i first set a domain controller before setting a dns server?
2- Is it possible to create a domain so that thez xp client could joint it , almost like the windows server operating systems do?
3-what should i add to my dns server setting in such a way that it could resolve the names.

i need all kind of help!!!!!!