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I’m trying too because one of the stations on my LAN hosts test versions of several websites, so I need a local-domain-catch-all to send anything not explicitly known within the LAN to that station.

So I have:

my-domain.lan. SOA, NS etc.

station 1 A, PTR etc.

stationN idem

*.my-domain.lan. A special-IP

According to the RFC, 4.3.3:

…where I read:

Wildcard RRs do not apply:

– When the query is in another zone. That is, delegation cancels
the wildcard defaults.

– When the query name or a name between the wildcard domain and
the query name is know to exist. For example, if a wildcard
RR has an owner name of “*.X”, and the zone also contains RRs
attached to B.X, the wildcards would apply to queries for name
Z.X (presuming there is no explicit information for Z.X), but
not to B.X, A.B.X, or X.

Normally imho, where anything contains nothing explicitly listed in the zone should match the wildcard.

I also tried:
* A special-IP

But the result is always:


Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Has someone an idea ?

Thanks, Best regards.