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For anyone searching for a solution for this: For i was in need of special radius-setup without local accounts and with ldap-groupmembership, the best way was to start the radius server with a local config in /Database/ . To do this put a file named radius there and copy it in /etc/init.d/ after startup. (Setup/Startup/Pre-Boot -> cp -f /Database/radius /etc/init.d/)

exchange — > loadproc $SCRIPTS/radius_start >/dev/null
with —> loadproc /Database/radius_start >/dev/null

The file radius_start needs to have

radiusd -d /Database/myconfig/raddb

and the proper setup in radiusd.conf under /Database/myconfig/raddb

The Zeroshell logging and start/stop-stuff will work with this,

Sorry for crippling the ZeroShell-setup, but this is the best way for my needs with this very fine distribution.