Re: spooler issue…


I can get the messages currently spooled all sent without rebooting, for instance by changing the parameter “max age” of the monitoring and saving. Doing so must restart the spooler service specifically.

The SMTP used is running full-time on another machine on the LAN, using no SSL, and actually, as I said, it works fine when the spooler wants so flush its queue. Also with the test message feature.

Since all is on LAN side there is no firewall restriction between the ZS and the SMTP. Be sure that I did test all of that. Else it would never work.

The issue is the spooler queueing definitively until it is restarted, this is why I’d like to find how the spooler works and what makes it flush its queue.

If I understand you well, the spooler would be made of a infinite sleep-and-do loop in a script ? Why not… In this case it means that the criterion to enter the message sending clause is never met.

OK I will try to locate such a script within the others.

Thanks, Best regards.