Re: Still no connection


Thanks for your response pp….. I have done away with most of what I had setup and started from scratch, so here it goes……

So here is my setup so far:

ETH0 – local lan (
ETH01 – Internet I ( same speed as ETH02
ETH02 – Internet II ( same speed as ETH01
ETH03 – Internet III ( different speed

I created VPN for ETH01 and ETH02 since they are of the same speed. I created a BOND with those two VPNs created.

I assigned the BOND the IP and set it as the gateway.

I figure I could use the third Internet link for other things…..

After doing this, I lose connectivity altogether to the Internet.

I have disabled QoS and Netbalancer.

What should I have on my router settings? I feel I am missing something that is just as simple as a period at the end of a sentence.