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Just to know if you’re at the beginning or at the end of the developpment ?

To explain you my problem :

Without using the accounting module : I’ have to create a Qos rule for each IP for the upload and for the download…for each of the 160 Ip’s used.

Up to now, no problem (for the beginning)

But at the end, we need 10-15 mn to create each rule…because the Gui have to refresh 2-3 times and it takes a long time. (one time to create the class(refresh, creating, validate take 3mn), one time to obtain the classifier windows, one time to confirm rule, and to save, and to add the class to the eth0 profil…

It’s too long to be efficient. Perhaps, instead of using a web gui, but a client software will be more usefull (with a memory cash, no need to refresh each time)

Thank you very much for giving me your advice 🙂