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Zeroshell is a LiveCD product, even when it’s installed on a hard drive or flash device, so installing VMware Tools is a pain in the neck. The normal upgrade process won’t work.

Besides, the only thing that the OVA template has installed is the monitoring. The ZS kernel (At least since ZS 3.2.0) already has all of the needed kernel modules compiled-in. And your hypervisor might complain that the Tools installation is out of date but monitoring and host-initiated shutdown will still work.

Eventually Fulvio is making an Open VM Tools package installable from the Package Manager, and that will replace this hack job installation.

If you want to install a current VMware Tools, it is possible to repeat the steps I did and use a current linux.iso file. The VMware Workstation, Player and Fusion ISO images for VMware Tools are also valid for ESXi.